Horticulture>CompostingMulch mowing returns 25% of nitrogen to the lawn and does not build up thatch. 
Composting is a natural way to turn yard waste into rich organic material that can be but back into the garden and kept out of the landfill.  Over 20% of the trash going to landfill in the United States is made up of yard trimmings and food waste.  These materials fill scarce and valuable landfill space, and create special problems as they decompose.

Yet most of these materials can easily be composted for valuable soil amendment.  When added to garden soils, compost:
     »  Protects soil from erosion and 

     »  Provides nutrients for plant growth
     »  Makes soil easier to till
     »  Increases water holding capacity of 
         sandy soils and improves drainage
         in tight clay soils

Making and Using Compost
Building a Compost Bin
Troubleshooting Compost
Compost Materials
Recycling Grass Clippings
Wood Chip Mulches
Compost Demonstration Garden
Recycling in Sedgwick County
Household Hazardous Waste Recycling