Extension Horticulture Program

Sedgwick County’s climate and soil provide ideal conditions for growing many horticulture crops and beautiful landscapes. We are in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6. Our average last spring frost is April 14, and the average first fall frost is October 25; for an average of 194 frost free days. We average 32.62 inches of rain each year, with May and June the most rainy months and January the driest month of the year. Our soils are slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.2-7.5.

Our trained Extension Master Gardener volunteers help home gardeners with information on planting and care of lawns and gardens. The Extension Master Gardeners also host several plant-related events throughout the year, including: Herb Day, Tomato Day, Tree Fest, Garden Tours, and a Basic Gardening Series.
Extension Horticulture Educators, Rebecca McMahonBob Neier provide production, maintenance and marketing information for commercial ornamental producers, lawn care companies, and fruit & vegetable producers. 
The Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum serves as a demonstration area for trees, flowers, ornamental grasses, vegetable gardening and composting.