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The Extension Education Center is the headquarters forall Extension programs in Sedgwick County. It headquarters County Extension agents, program assistants, support staff and many volunteers. The building sits on 12 acres and is the property of Sedgwick County, Kansas.

  • The Extension staff conducts educational programs for adult and youth residents of Sedgwick County in the program areas of 4-H Youth Development, Family & Consumer Sciences, Agriculture/Horticulture and Community Development.
  • The Extension Education Center has the following facilities for use in Extension programs:
    • Rapid Response Center
    • Learning Center with subject matter documents, video educational tapes and educational CD’s.
    • Demonstration Garden, financed & developed by Extension Master Gardeners
    • Sedgwick County Arboretum
    • Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program
    • Teaching & Training Kitchen
    • Family Nutrition Program
    • Four Extension Program Areas:
      • 4-H Youth Development
      • Family & Consumer Sciences
      • Agriculture/Horticulture
      • Community Development
    • Program Assistants in Family & Consumer Sciences, Horticulture, and
      4-H Youth Development
  • The Extension Education Center answers approximately 300,000 phone calls each year from the public. 
  • Approximately 2,500 meetings, classes and events are held each year at the Extension Education Center. These events include Extension Educational programs, other governmental agency events, other youth programs, as well as non-profit and for-profit outside use.







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